Why we founded it’s thyme

In a world that does not seem to have the right spaces for us, we create our own.

it’s thyme

We wanted to create our own working structures and conditions

We wanted to experience a working culture that allows full freedom for creative expression and processes-oriented work, celebrates mistakes, slowness and depth rather than some kind of rushing through short-term projects. A work that really just makes sense and has a meaning to us and a positive impact on our planet. A work that we think fits perfectly to us, lets us thrive and supports our growth. A working culture where we feel safe, seen and appreciated.

With the foundation of it’s thyme, we want to show that it can be possible to live by our truest values. We simply did not want to supress any parts of us to be part of outdated structures and institutions that not only do not promise a lot of fun or fulfilment to us, but often are also based on values and recreate destructive patterns that have led to the many crises we live in today. We also did not want to accept that we had to do something just because it is seen as the normal or right thing to do. We want to redefine normal. Our normality right now has put ourselves and our planet into a state pretty close to our own exctinction. The way we have dealt with things is ready to be changed – and we say quite radically. With radically we don’t mean violently, but deeply. We believe that only deep transformation leads to true regeneration of ourselves and nature as well as environmental and social justice. And that’s what we want!

We want to help more people to live by their truest values and create new structures that promise joy, health, justice and the regeneration of nature. Because we think that this is what everyone of us deserves, what we as a society so desperately need and what nature is so patiently waiting for. We see individual regeneration as part of collective process towards justice and health – and this is what our methods and workshops are designed for!

With our backgrounds and experiences in critical global development work, sustainable and female leadership, permaculture and personal development processes, we believe to have come to a point, where it is worth sharing our learnings with others. We are beyond excited to do so and develop it further from here on with all of you. Let’s slow down and get to work.

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