Today is the day!

We are officially ready to launch it’s thyme and share what we have been working on for the past years – putting both of our hearts, minds and dreams in it! We have spent the past years trying to find answers to why the hell we felt so confused about the world, its way of operating and societal rules, norms and expectations. As we imagined, explored and envisioned different ways of life, people have called us naïve, dreamy and unrealistic.

Today, we are proud to put our naïve idealism, unrealism (is that even a word? oh well…) and dreamy hearts onto the table and tell the world that we’re up and running! 

We are slowly coming into a state of being able to live our lives based on our core values and earning our money with building the spaces, structures and educational programs we wished for when we were growing up. We strongly believe that the ways we are taught to think and act need to be challenged and changed if we want to create thriving ecosystems, vital human beings and resilient communities, able to collectively navigate through our rapidly changing time and creating a better future for all. This is what it’s thyme is for!

It’s thyme wants to support people and communities in transitioning into a more sustainable paradigm based on thriving living systems, joyful connection and human rights. Not in a cheesy, but in a hands-on and feet-down kinda way! In a fun way! In a creative way! In a community-based way! The process of getting there is what it’s thyme calls regeneration and what it is all about ! 

We have taken first steps to plant seeds and connect with people and places all over the European continent to explore regenerative spaces, come together, exchange and collectively take small steps to restore and regenerate our inner and outer ecosystems. Right now, we are developing projects and programs for you to join and are looking for a physical place where we and it’s thyme can grow roots, be a place of connection and community and welcome everyone who wants to experience & co-create a regenerative world.

Let us know what you think in the comments, if you have a similar vision and why this resonates (or not) with you. Feel free to reach out and connect. We are super excited to hear from you!

Julia & Hannah

PS: If we were to thank somebody for supporting us along the way, it would be our guts! Trusting and listening to our gut feeling has made us feel outlandish sometimes but has also brought us to this point. So today we want to celebrate all the visionaries, thinkers, practitioners that have paved the regenerative way for centuries – and give a shoutout to our bellies that always inherently know what’s good for us!

#regeneration #livingsystems #justice #peace #community #missiontotransition #itsthyme

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