Coming into regenerative relationships

Here are short but powerful examples what we mean by the phrase in regard to ourselves, others and nature. In this pdf you see one of our it’s thyme character “Radikale” illustrated by the most radically amazing André Correia himself 😉 It’s thyme is your space to explore regenerative relationships in more depth and practiceContinue reading “Coming into regenerative relationships”

It’s thyme for bridging worlds: from the old known to the new unknown, Hannah’s story

This is my story – even though I have not always believed so, I now know: it’s worth sharing, and I will continue to do so in the upcoming months 🙂 Welcome to my world! So, I was a very cute and anxious child, who turned into an anxious still cute young women. I wasContinue reading “It’s thyme for bridging worlds: from the old known to the new unknown, Hannah’s story”

Pills to swallow

Ugh, we made a big mess. Climate crisis. Biodiversity loss. Ecosystem collapse? Extinction? The prospects, from scientific assessments, don’t look too good. In fact, they look pretty scary. It seems the pill is too hard to swallow and people hop between being in panic or denial. Makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately this doesContinue reading “Pills to swallow”

Why we founded it’s thyme

In a world that does not seem to have the right spaces for us, we create our own. it’s thyme We wanted to create our own working structures and conditions We wanted to experience a working culture that allows full freedom for creative expression and processes-oriented work, celebrates mistakes, slowness and depth rather than someContinue reading “Why we founded it’s thyme”