Connecting and building regenerative spaces for healthy ecosystems and communities

“It’s the people that make a place” we often hear. And yes, we absolutely agree. But we also believe that places can be designed in ways that support the well-being and nurturing of people who live and come there. By designing places that give space to the full potential of nature and humans, regeneration and resilience are created.

We want to bring people together, connect and co-create regenerative spaces that let us and nature breath again and that are blueprints for sustainable living. #buildingthefuture #itsthyme

Are you a part of a regenerative space and want it’s thyme to come and give workshops, help with projects or collaborate?

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Here you can get to know regenerative spaces. Explore.

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ViA Verde, Umbria

a living lab for regenerative (agri)culture in bella Italia

“We started our azienda agricola 1h north of Rome at the beginning of 2021 as our long life dream with the mission to put the Visions of a sustainable food-&farming system into action. After having worked at universities, research institutions and NGOs on the topic of sustainable development and sustainable food systems for over 15 years on all continents but Australia, my husband and I decided to bring the theoretical knowledge and insights into „the field“ and move out from the city and into the beautiful Umbrian countryside to start a living lab for sustainable rural development and regenerative agriculture/permaculture. For this we have bought 3 hectares of land on the hillside with olive trees, fruits trees, nut trees and berries. In addition we are in the process of adding a vegetable garden for our own and our voluteer’s consumption and revitalizing an old vinyard and other overgrown parts of our land that was not taken care of for years. In the meantime we get our fruit and vegeteable supply from close-by organic/agro-ecological farms. As we still continue on the side with our NGO work on Education for Sustainable Development, we have a lot of synergies and interesting projects to share with our volunteers.”
– Valentina & Matthew Aversano-Dearborn –