One-on-one support for the journey towards regeneration in your life, project, classroom or organisation

This is for you when

  • you have a strong wish to bring regeneration into your life, project, classroom or organisation but don’t know where to start.
  • you are planning a project to be rooted in sustainability and environmental justice and seek guidance.
  • you need a room to reflect about the ways you normally approach projects or activities and shifting to a regenerative way of thinking and acting
  • you need a sustainability expert in your project team who guarantees that important sustainable aspects are considered and guides your team through the process

What it includes

  • First free meeting: Getting to know each other (to see if it’s a match!)
  • Online or offline consulting hours.
  • Our special tools and models to guide you through complex regeneration processes and designs.
  • New perspectives on the broad topic of sustainability.
  • Personal reflection tools for personal empowerment to self-directed learning