it’s thyme Community Hub

The Community Hubs are designed to allow all: personal, community and earth regeneration. It is open for people who want to rest, reset and grow, learn and experiment what a truly inclusive, regenerative future coud look like! It’s a place to feel deeply inspired and gain rich regenerative knowledge through immersive learning experiences and the ability to co-create regenerative structures around and within the Hub. We want people to feel motivated to extend the impact of this real life laboratory for prototyping regenerative living and apply the insights to their own communities and worlds.

Through the integrated design of the Communtiy Hub into the local terriroty and strong collaboration with local leaders, it acts as a powerful incubator for the surrounding region. It not only serves as a new inspiring communtiy center for local people to get inspired, share their knowledge and work on local challenges together, but also as a meeting point between locals and external changemakers that together bring new ideas, collaborations and economic and social opportunities to the local communities.

Together we can build a community of practice that drive concrete social change and true sustainable development in a bottom-up approach.

We are starting to build our first Hub now! More info soon!