Leading the Change with Regenerative (Food) Systems

A 3-day workshop for enthusiastic change-makers that want to learn about the transformative potential of regenerative systems and permaculture to reach sustainable change in the (food) system

  • You’ll learn about the holistic concept of regenerative development and discover its difference to sustainable development
  • You’ll learn about the concept of permaculture (green + social) and its concrete transformative potential
  • Applying your newly acquired knowledge to the question: How can regenerative (food) systems concretely look like? What do we need for that?
  • Hands-on tools to bring regenerative thinking into your own work and projects
  • Lots of new motivation, connections, hope and new tools for a sustainable transition!

Embodied Permaculture
(in Everode, Germany)

It’s thyme to regenerate
(in Germany & Sweden)

This workshop bundels our core topics and skills for you and serves as an catalyst into regenerative thinking and sustainable change in your personal life. The duration can be between 3 and 9 days long and they take place in different beautiful locations in Germany or Sweden. These workshops will always include the three dimensions.

  • Meta: What is regeneration and why do we need it?
  • Personal: Regeneration & Power: What’s my role in it?
  • Embodiment: Intro of body & earth-based regenerative practices

Regenerate with the seasons – 1 year program


This is a one year program for people committing to an empowering journey towards personal regeneration. Together we journey through the inevitable seasons of life while learning from each uniqe quality: birth, growth, death and composting. We explore the many possibilities of restoring your resources and designing a life in line with natural cycles and principles of regeneration. By the end of the year, you will have a deep sense for what regeneration feels like, have restored your energy and prepared or implemented the first steps of regenerative practices in your life. Make this your personal commitment into a more meaningful and balanced life.

topics covered and events offered

  • The “new” paradigm of regeneration: what is it? why do we need it?
    What is the difference to current paradigms?
  • What is living system thinking and how it can help you to see the world differently?
  • How do we learn to think, act and be regeneratively?
    – Deep ecology, permaculture, embodied restoration work, conscious leadership, deep listening and much more…
  • Dismantling oppressive systems and personal regeneration
    – Which groups, qualities and traits are currently oppressed in our “colonial capitalist patriarchal system”? (term by Bell Hooks) How are we affected by that? How can we face hurtful truths and integrate them into our personal regeneration?
  • Community-based and nature-based learning and reflecting
  • Visits and workshops on a regenerative farm

Structure and flow

Hybrid of online and offline sessions

A 3-buddies system: next to getting to know and being part of the whole group, you will find two partners in the beginning, who will be your closest contacts during the year

The 5-day kick-off and celebrative ending workshops take place in presence. One 3-day workshop will happen in between in presence. The rest will be online meetings, seminars and self-organized group meetings.