Impulse Workshops

We bring Sustainability, Critical Thinking and Regeneration Impulses into your Classroom, Workplace, Organisation and Life

These workshops are for you when

  • you are looking for new inspiration on how to integrate sustainability into your life, classroom or organisation in a self-directed way
  • you are interested in the depth that lays behind the word regeneration and want to get to know it in a playful way
  • you are interested in environmental justice, but don’t really know what that would mean for our world today
  • you want to understand different concepts and perspectives on the topic of sustainability and environmental justice
  • you want to understand the importance of critical thinking and be able to apply it in your life, classroom or organisation
  • you want to experience a workshop that leaves you energized, empowered and motivated to act

What it can include

  • Theoretical interactive input on topics such as permaculture, environmental justice, regenerative systems and regeneration of the earth and ourselves (depending on workshop)
  • Space for discussions
  • Explanaition of important critical thinking tools to navigate through the complexity of the world
  • Explanation of the importance of natural environments for our mental health
  • A container to dive into the colourful world of sustainability in a playful way
  • A space for networking in the sustainability sphere

If you’re interested, we invite you to

  • check our its thyme workshop and events page for all of our offerings
  • request your own tailor-made workshop for your organisation, classroom, friends or conference
  • ask us if you have any questions 🙂



Any questions?