Journey Workshops

Start your journey towards recharging, reflecting and redesigning your life
– inividually in community –

These workshops are for you when

  • you are longing to pause your current life for a few days and experience deeper relaxation and connection
  • you feel that you are no longer truly satisfied with the way you live, work or relate to yourself and others
  • you want to learn more about holistic and circular sustainbility models and how to design your life more sustainably
  • you want to learn about the principles of regeneration and how to apply and benefit from them
  • you want to experience our great method of the holy shit and how to embody change
  • you want to practice what it means to truly see and hear each other as well as yourself and practice connection and compassion
  • you want to meet people that are in a simular situation or journey
  • and you want to feel the support and inspiration of an engaging community
  • you just want to have a great time in nature, making your own food, eating well, singing and telling stories by the fire and so much more!

These workshops include

  • A deep dive into all of our methods for you to not only grasp them intellectually but be able to experience them
  • Theoretical, inter-active inputs on topics such as permaculture, regenerative systems, circular growth, environmental justice, perspective change, critical thinking and the importance of nature, silence and depth
  • Self-directed learning and experiences
  • Practicing spaces for self-expression
  • Lots of time in nature and outside (depending on the location)
  • Optional offers such as yoga, forest bathing or meditations in the morning to kick-off your day
  • Hopefully lots of inspiration and motivation to bring back to your life or organisation
  • Enough time and opportunities for network-building inside and outside of the workshops (find new project partners, change buddies, work cooperation and inspiration etc.)

If you’re interested, we invite you to

  • check our current offerings on our its thyme workshops and events page
  • think about booking us for a workshop with your class, organisazion or friends and shoot us a message with details so we can build a workshop together
  • ask us if you have any questions 🙂

Any questions?