Regenerate with the seasons

Empowering yearly program to reconnect to (your) nature, and explore what deep regeneration means for you and the world.

This is for you when

  • you feel confused, stressed, and anxious in the uncertanties of the world and seek to regain calmness, confidence and hope.
  • you’re looking for a better understanding of the world and to connect the dots
  • lost in understanding what’s going on in the world and seek to find some clarity or your place in it.
  • you are interested in social and environmental justice topics and want to take concrete actions towards it but don’t know where to start
  • are interested in a decolonial approach towards sustainability that includes looking at our history and patterns of exploitation, superiority and privilege on a collective and personal level
  • are motivated to make an impact and dive into the regeneration process and change your life and the world around it for the better
  • want to redesign your life in a way that is more fulfilling and aligned with your truest values
  • want to understand the power of seasonal qualities and circular systems
  • want to spend more time in nature
  • get to know and connect with like-minded people and experience a supporting community that seeks sustainable change

What it includes

  • Regular group check-ins
  • Regular empowering theoretical inputs based on the season
  • Self-directed reflection tools and activities based on our method conscious pattern design
  • The material and principles for your regenerative life design
  • Optional: book club rounds (including a regenerative reading list)
  • Optional: A design thinking workshop for your green career
  • Three 1:1 sessions to overview the process


Jane Doe

Are you interested?