Dream big


Be part of our dream of co-creating our first physical it’s thyme Hub: a space to envision and take action for a more beautiful world

Connect with other big dreamers and get inspired by regenerative minds and practicioners at our communtiy events

Become infected by the spirit of change and community and join our programs around justice, regeneration and joy.

Learn hands-on about the power of dreaming, natural building, system thinking, regenerative landdesign, community-building, body- and earth practices & more.


CORE 3-hour workshop

Let these 3 hours be your entry ticket into a radically different world. Find your space to dream about a better world and learn about concepts that underline why you should!

What? A 3-hour workshop that will
– introduce you to the concepts of regeneration, living systems and permaculture
– teach about the power of letting go and how the natural qualities in nature and ourselves can be used to move towards a different paradigm of justice and well-being
– spark personal reflections on how you can start applying the concepts to your own life and become a regenerative dreamer and practicioner to change your world 🙂
– guide you through a beautiful inner experience to deepen your understanding
– give you a small introduction to core earth- and somatic based practices that help you to build a more intimate relationship with yourself and the earth
Additionally you will
– have the opportunity to meet and connect with inspiring people
– feel energized and motivated to stay with the topic and practices and become part of a regenerative movement towards a much more beautiful world
– oh and know what this illustration has to do with all of this 🙂

Where and when?
In presence: soon at our in-progress it’s thyme Hub or other locations in Germany
Online: on a regular basis via Zoom. Starting this spring.

WHOLE 1-year program

By flowing through the four seasons with us, this year will allow you to learn all about the power of nature and dive deeper into your personal processes to come into regnerative relationships with yourself, others and the earth! This can be your starting year into a radically different life and opportunity to co-create regenerative structures while having lots of fun.

At the end of this program you will
– understand the importance of regenerative change and your role in it
– have gained a lot of knowledge around regeneration and living systems through your own experience of helping to build regenerative structures
(ecological building, permaculture garden, food forests, co-working space, community-based living and more)
– have a better understanding what social justice means for you and what you can do in your every-day-life to embrace humanity
– understand how you can access the intelligence of (your) nature in your very own ways, tap into your potential and find joy in the process
– have gone through first processes of composting of what is holding you back from pursuing your dreams
– have found your own ways of fostering your relationship with the earth and experienced the value of living in connection with the land
– feel supported, inspired and motivated by a wonderful community who want to see you and the world around you thrive

Where, when and what?
Infos coming soon

Mix & Match

We design workshops, talks or presentations around dreaming, co-creation, regeneration, system thinking, social justice, youth empowerment and more!

We have done presentations about the concept of living system,
shared our stories at Universities and schools,
facilitated youth exchanges around topics of social justice and regeneration
supported youth into their sustainable life path and career,
took part in multiple international peace conferences and workshops
did workshops for food companies, municipalities and more.

Reach out!


Together we are stronger

We add our experience, expertise and energy to your project and become more impactful together. Collaborate with us or receive consulting regarding following topics:
– the intelligence & principles of nature & the application of it to your work
– privilege and power-sensitive learning and exchange
– nature-based learning with earth-based and somatic learning elements
– the power of compassion, deep listening and authentic communication
– working with youth, trauma-informed and inclusive