Why we do what we do. The broader picture.

sustainable development

is personal development


For too long we have seen ourselves separate from nature instead of part of it. This goes along with an inner sense of superiority of human-beings over nonhuman-beings. We built the world through a human-centered perspective forgetting that we are not the center. We share the world with other beings, who simply by existing should have the same intrinsic value as us. We depend on each other. We thrive best when they thrive best. How would our world look like if we truly lived by that?

“To transform into an ecological age, we have to see the world as a communion of subjects rather than a collection of objects” (Thomas Berry)


In a world of agenda-driven days, chaos and demand, we need to relearn what it truly means to take care of ourselves to find and create inner resiliance. Stress-related ilness and symptoms are increasing and already a norm for many. Zooming into our own needs, taking responsibility for them, making choices for our well-being and allowing ourselves to feel all emotions is the way forward. Reconnecting to our authentic core is an act of self-care, which brings true vitality in our personal and collective world.

However, even though individual responsibility for oneself is essential, systemic structures, institutionalized discrimination and the concept of privilege show that we are reliant on each other to reach resilience and well-being for everyone. 


In a global culture dominated by competitiveness, we tend to forget the value in community, that goes beyond our own few family members and dearest friends. We see division, discrimination and violence and a lot of mistrust towards “the others”. When fear controls us, we cannot be open and feel empathic. However, a sense of community and trust in each other is especially important in times of change and uncertainty. If we want that, we have to actively work for that. By deconstructing the prejudices and conditioning in our heads, we begin seeing the simliarities rather than differences and empathy and appreciation starts building up.

This requires individual work – but is so beautifully worth it!

Our Pespective

We summarize the climate and social crises as a global crises of relationships.
Our relationships with nature have led us to the climate crises and the loss of biodiversity, the loss of life.
Our relationships with ourselves and each other since endless generations have led us to the disconnection to ourselves and others resulting in anxiety, uncomfortability with “others” and discrimination in all forms, thus the loss of quality of life for many. The solution It’s Thyme aims at is full vitality for both nature and humans, or as Satish Kumar puts it so beautifully “Soil, Soul and Society”

Our Solution

We believe one efficient and holistic solution to climate change and equality is to focus internally. Internal shifts will allow external changes in behaviour, communication and life-design. When we are truly connected to our own authentic self, we receive openly, respect other realities and approve the right of well-being and a flourishing life for all human- and nonhuman beings. By focussing internally on our own relationships with the earth, with ourselves and thereby with each other, we start an intuitive flow of personal development that organically leads to “sustainable development” of the world around us. During our personal development journeys, we may make different life choices. We want to help you to navigate through them.

Let’s get you on your own journey, applaude you and connect you to others on their way. Get in touch with us, if you think #Itsthyme.