The story behind

Hi there! We are Julia and Hannah, twin sisters from Münster, Germany. We know, it’s very clichee of us working together as twins, but we can’t help it!

We decided to unite after finishing up our Master degrees in International Development and Leadership for Sustainability in France and Sweden. At that point both of us were quite confused about our next “career steps”. Our minds and hearts were tired as it became more and more difficult to digest the significance of contemporary crises. What a world we live in – what could we possibly do to take actions that truly change something?

Well, we asked a good friend for a loan and signed up for a year-long program on a small farm in the middle of Germany. We were privileged enough to basically buy ourselves some “time out” to slow down, reflect on our studies and life so far and be at a place where we could freely learn about a regenerative concept that promised solutions to our today’s problems: permaculture. This year turned out to be one of the best decision of our lives!


Driven by a deep awareness of global injustices, Hannah is determined to reshape the systems perpetuating them. She does that with all of her heart and joy, which she believes are the two greatest sources to deal with the world of today.

Her active mind doesn't always make it easy for her to meditate ;) but it surely helped her to find clear words to explain her learnings, experiences and feelings to her loved ones longing for them to understand "why she is doing what she is doing" and why "we really should all think about what we're doing". She has teached about her learnings for 3 years now and helps other people think about and find their place in the world through her writings, her workshops on living systems thinking and as our front community organizer and PR light! Go Hannah!

She is now based in Galicia, Spain, where she is building a home and the first Hope Hub as well as Lisbon, Portugal, where her boyfriend and partner in both love and crime has his roots.



If Julia was a temperature, she'd be just the perfect amount of warm. Even though she likes to start her mornings with ice-cold river baths, she emits the kind of warmth that makes people feel at home when they're around her. Her favourite research topic in the past years have been
how working with the Earth and her body helps her to embody the change she wants to see in herself, her life and in the world. Rooted in her own experience and in her journey with it's thyme, she supports people in walking their talk, one step at a time, making their deepest dreams come true. Besides, she loves all things cooking, baking and creating a home that is safe, cozy and beautiful for her family, neighbors, old and new friends.

David is in it for the long run! He has been an activist from early days on and knows what he's fighting for: human rights, peace and sustainability for all! From his activism history, he knows how to to organize, communitcate and move the masses! He is the man of clear and calm words with the kind of organizational skills you'd die for in chaotic times - he truly feels like an anchor in the stormy sea. Next to envisioning future intercontinental youth exchanges and projects, he does organizational & community development at it's thyme!

David and Hannah met at an anti-corruption workshop 3 years ago, stayed in touch ever since and quickly discovered how well their values and visions for the world match. It was in 2022 when they decided to join forces for the greater good. He is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya and holds a degree in Human Resource Management.

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